Ship repairs, installations and dock services

With the floating dock, we can launch ships/units of up to 800 tons and a length of approx. 40 metres. The dock has an inside width of approx. 20 metres, and thus two smaller ships/units can be docked simultaneously in order to minimise costs and time.

We offer shipbuilding, welding, pipe construction, mechanical engineering work and corrosion protection (by Norcons) on schedule and in a professional manner. With our partner companies in the field of insulation, automation, mechanical engineering and general electrics, we are in the position to carry out complete reconstructions and refits.

The prefabrication of all types of components takes place in the workshops so that they can be assembled “just in time”. Furthermore, we process orders and repairs at the various shipping companies during transport or in port operations and thus offer the owners quick solutions in the case of a malfunction.

In the event of damage, we work 7 days a week around the clock and in several shifts. Our scope of services also includes dismantling work or scrapping on shore, on the water or on the floating dock.